If you have always envisioned yourself as the type of person who would appreciate working just a few weeks or few months out of the year and then taking the rest of the year off to hang out with family and take it easy, a seasonal business might be the right fit for you. If you are lacking ideas for your business, however, this short list of 9 creative ideas is here to help you out.

1. Fireworks Stand

You have seen the fireworks stands set up in parking lots during the summer. There is a huge opportunity nestled in fireworks just waiting for you to run with it.

2. Food Truck

Nothing brings communities together quite like good food eaten in the open air. Food trucks are outrageously popular in the summertime and is extremely portable.

3. Holiday Retailer

There are of course many stores that are open only during Halloween or during the Christmas season. If you have a passion for one holiday, turn it into a successful business!

4. Landscaping Maintenance

A landscaping business is a great one. You can set your own schedule, only working on the weekends if you want to, for example, and you get to spend your time in the sun.

5. Moving Company

People move all throughout the year. However, setting yourself up in a college town means that your seasonal business matches up with the semesters ending and beginning.

6. Outdoor Adventures

Do you love camping, hiking, canoeing, and pretty much anything involving the great outdoors? Take your hobbies to the next level with a seasonal business that is all about doing what you love.

7. Professional Organizer

Spring cleaning is a real thing. After the year is over and people are airing out their houses, they are looking for help getting everything tidy and organized. If you have a knack for detail and organization this might be just the thing.

8. Swimming Pool Maintenance

People who have pools often do not know in advance how much work it is going to be. Becoming a pool maintenance professional can be lucrative while helping people out.

9. Tutoring

Being a tutor is a great business because you don’t have to have extensive degrees, just knowledge and a desire to see students succeed. Plus, you only have to work during the school year.

Whatever you like to do, whatever your hobbies are, consider turning them into a seasonal business. For those few weeks or months that you are in business, you could set yourself up financially for the rest of the year.