Funding Solutions Without the Hassle

At Quickline Capital Partners, we know how frustrating it can be to secure the funds you need quickly. That’s why we offer an accounts receivable program to companies that sell products or services to other businesses that pay in 30-, 60- or 90-day increments. You simply sell us your accounts for a discounted price in exchange for a lump sum of cash.

Why Factor?

One of the most attractive components of financing receivables is that we do not take your credit score into account. We have found that the businesses that do best with this program are those that are either losing money or just getting started. Our “factors” will do the job of your accounting department, sorting through your customer accounts and verifying their credit. We will even let you know if there are any red flags during the process.

Other advantages to choosing factoring include the following:

  • You do not have to make fixed payments.
  • You can have access to funding in as little as 24 hours.
  • You could be eligible for free credit insurance.
  • You can use the money you receive however you see fit.

In the event that one of your customers fails to make a payment, you will not be on the hook for that money. Instead, we will eat that cost as part of our program.

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